The training center “Ellips-Tech” is an integral part of the service provision for our customers. One of the priority directions of its activity is the technical and information support of geodesic engineers with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the use of equipment and embedded software solutions.

Currently, several professional employees with higher education in the field of geodesy and cartography, who are former and current professors of profile universities, work at the Ellips-Tech Center.

In addition to the consulting service “online” we are happy to offer services for deeper and more systematic training, both within the framework (introductory) courses and in various thematic areas of the most effective application of geodetic equipment and software.

In addition, you can contact technical specialists in our regional branches: for details, see contacts .

We will Teach You:

Training on the use of Receivers and Instruments

Professional Training in Geodesy and Topography

Intensive training for AutoCAD Civil software

Main advantages

25 years of industry work

Modern system of evaluation of students

Customer consultation hotline

The possibility of training on an individual program at the customer’s premises

Regular webinars

Specially equipped classroom

An integral part of the consultations and training conducted by the engineers of the Ellips-Tech Training Center is the collection of field data and subsequent processing using Trimble systems. We also specialize in training the customer’s specialists to work with the software packages of Credo Dialog.

Classes are held both in groups and under an individual program. The conditions can be found here. Training takes place in a specially equipped classroom, based on your organization or on the current work site.

At the request of the customer, to ensure maximum learning effectiveness, all programs can be adapted to the specifics of specific jobs. Depending on the initial skills of the trainee, the experience of his work with this or that equipment, an individual training program for work with the acquired equipment is formed. This approach allows to form an optimal technique for using the equipment to solve the priority tasks of the client and is the most visible and effective method of training.

All training programs, regardless of the subject, provide for:

  • Introductory course
  • Practical training with equipment and field software
  • Processing of field measurements in the accompanying software
  • Learning utility tools

On the need for GNSS technology training

Until recently, the main working instrument of the surveyor was an electronic total station. Brigades plotted tacheometric moves with subsequent equalization in specialized software. With the development of GNSS technologies, demand for them has increased dramatically. Now there are almost no organizations, whose fleet of geodetic equipment consists exclusively of optical devices. Constantly increasing competition makes organizations increasingly invest in the expansion and modernization of their fleet of geodetic equipment. This allows organizations to take on a greater number of orders and do not depend on their fulfillment from the availability of the starting points in the work area. Also, the quality of the source data is often not credible.

At the same time, organizations often try to save on related costs, including training in working with this equipment. Now all the major suppliers of surveying equipment at the time of the sale conduct initial training and help to set up new equipment. Also, the availability of qualified and high-quality technical support is a prerequisite when choosing a supplier. But, unfortunately, often this is not enough. For a few hours of instruction, you can not tell the entire course of training, which includes not only a practical part, but also a theoretical one. As a result, surveyors in the process of making a lot of technological errors, which entail many problems, and often rework. Employees spend a lot of time trying to find errors and ways of solving them independently or with technical support of the supplier, although they could be avoided even in the field or even in preparation for work. And if the object is far from the office, the cost of the trip can significantly increase.

Also, problems arise already at the stage of preparation for work. The large size of our country carries with it certain difficulties. Incomplete coverage of the entire territory with high-quality mobile communication and its unreliability when moving away from large cities make surveyors always be prepared to change their planned technology to another, more suitable, directly at the facility. It turns out that the modern geodesist should understand not only the geodesy itself, but also in the communication methods for setting up the equipment.

A large number of coordinate systems used in performing various types of work also does not contribute to the rapid development of a new GNSS equipment package. Unlike a total station that operates in Cartesian or rectangular coordinates, GNSS equipment primarily determines the geocentric coordinates that the field software recalculates into coordinates in the necessary flat local systems. But for this it is necessary not only to know the parameters of the transition from one coordinate system to another, but also to understand the entire diversity of these systems.

Separately it is worth noting that training to work with equipment used in work is very often mandatory, as well as the availability of a corresponding certificate. For example, in the same SCISP 02-262-02 (the Instruction on the development of the survey justification and the survey of the situation and the relief with the use of global navigation satellite systems GLONASS and GPS) it is said that persons who “have passed training in working with receivers of the type that is intended for satellite definitions.”

The Ellips-Tech Training Center regularly conducts training for both new users of GNSS equipment and more experienced ones. Training helps not only to avoid mistakes at an early stage in the development of equipment, but also to optimize their work for engineers who work with equipment and software for the first year. There are many additional functions that the user may not know about and which are not used in the process of work. For example, many of the same great features of Trimble Business Center are used by only 30-50%. Using additional functions of office and field software significantly increases labor productivity, and ultimately reduces the time for processing the measurements and the release of the final documentation.

The Ellips-Tech Training Center offers a large number of training programs on how to use state-of-the-art GNSS equipment, and on the use of electronic tacheometers and digital levels for a wide range of geodetic tasks.

The team of teachers at the Ellips-Tech Training Center consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in practical and teaching activities.

Teachers of the Ellips-Tech Training Center always emphasize an individual approach to training, trying to prepare a specialist for all possible problems; first of all, the specifics of the customer’s work are considered. We have already trained not one hundred engineers-surveyors working in different areas of construction, engineering surveys, monitoring of structures that perform the installation of precise technological equipment and are engaged in solving other complex and non-standard tasks.


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