Antenna CHC

Antenna CHC

The CHC Series GNSS antenna provides a cost-effective solution for demanding positioning applications such as geodetic reference station, machine control, GIS and imaging where high performance and reliability are required.

Tactical and technical characteristics

  • High-performance geodetic GNSS antenna
  • Cost-effective and reliable performance
  • 5″/8″ threading for mounting on pole, pillars or tribrach
  • Sub-centimeter phase center repeatability
  • Compatible with CHC and third-party GIS/GNSS receivers


Antenna CHC in Uzbekistan, Tashkent


GPS + GLONASS + BDS + Galileo

The A220GR is a rugged GNSS antenna available for the GNC CHC N/P series of sensors.


GPS + GLONASS + BDS + Galileo

The C220GR2 is a high-performance GNSS choke antenna optimized for reference station applications.

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