Camping sleeping bag Bestway Pavillo 68102

bag Bestway Pavillo 68102

Sleeping bag Pavillo mummy Comfortable sleeping bag with a hood. The Pavillon sleeping bag fits easily into any travel bag. It is ideal for a comfortable and sound sleep in temperatures ranging from +10 C to +6 C. Whether in a tent, under the stars or at home, nothing can interfere with a comfortable and comfortable night’s sleep with this sleeping bag. The drawstring hood is especially practical. So you can squeeze the cap and it has excellent insulating effect.

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bag Bestway Pavillo 68102 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The Bestway Pavillo 68102 camping sleeping bag is designed to provide comfort and warmth for outdoor enthusiasts during camping trips, hiking adventures, or other outdoor activities. Here are some features and specifications commonly associated with this camping sleeping bag:

  1. Temperature Rating bag Bestway Pavillo 68102: The Pavillo 68102 sleeping bag is typically designed for three-season use, providing insulation in temperatures ranging from approximately 23°F to 32°F (-5°C to 0°C). It offers sufficient warmth for camping in spring, summer, and fall conditions.
  2. Dimensions bag Bestway Pavillo 68102: The sleeping bag typically measures approximately 230 cm in length and 80 cm in width, providing ample space for most adults to comfortably sleep in various sleeping positions.
  3. Insulation bag Bestway Pavillo 68102: The sleeping bag is insulated with synthetic materials such as polyester or hollow fiber fill, which provide warmth and loft even when compressed. This insulation retains body heat and keeps the user warm during cold nights.
  4. Shell Material bag Bestway Pavillo 68102: The exterior shell of the sleeping bag is usually made of durable and water-resistant materials such as ripstop polyester or nylon. This shell material helps protect the sleeping bag from tears, punctures, and moisture, ensuring longevity and reliability in outdoor environments.
  5. Lining Material bag Bestway Pavillo 68102: The interior lining of the sleeping bag is often made of soft and breathable materials such as polyester taffeta or cotton flannel. This lining provides comfort and helps regulate temperature and moisture for a cozy sleeping experience.
  6. Zipper: The sleeping bag typically features a durable and snag-free zipper that allows for easy entry and exit. Some models may have a full-length zipper or a two-way zipper for added convenience and ventilation options.
  7. Hood: Many models of the Bestway Pavillo 68102 sleeping bag come with an integrated hood that can be adjusted to fit snugly around the user’s head, providing additional warmth and insulation.
  8. Compression Sack: The sleeping bag usually comes with a compression sack for compact storage and transport. This sack allows users to compress the sleeping bag to a smaller size, making it easier to carry during outdoor adventures.

Overall, the Bestway Pavillo 68102 camping sleeping bag offers comfort, warmth, and durability for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable sleeping solution for their camping adventures.

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