CAT and Genny

CAT and Genny

When used together, the C.A.T and Genny form a powerful utility locating system that provides accurate detection and tracing of buried utilities. The C.A.T is used to initially locate the presence of utilities, while the Genny is used to precisely trace the path and depth of the utilities. This combination helps prevent accidental damage to buried infrastructure during excavation or construction activities, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the work.



CAT and Genny in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The latest range of cable detector tools (C.A.T) and signal generator (Genny), first developed by Radiodetection.

The C.A.T and Genny are a pair of utility locating devices commonly used together for accurately detecting and tracing buried utilities, such as pipes, cables, and conduits. Here’s an overview of each device:

  1. C.A.T (Cable Avoidance Tool):
    • The C.A.T is a handheld device used for detecting the presence of buried metallic utilities.
    • It operates based on electromagnetic principles, detecting the electromagnetic fields emitted by buried metallic utilities.
    • The device provides audio and visual feedback to the operator, indicating the presence and approximate location of detected utilities. CAT and Genny
    • It is typically used to sweep an area to identify the general location of buried utilities before excavation or construction activities. CAT and Genny
  2. Genny (Signal Generator) CAT and Genny:
    • The Genny is a companion device to the C.A.T, used for applying a detectable signal to buried utilities.
    • It operates by generating an electromagnetic signal that can be induced onto the buried metallic utilities.
    • The signal emitted by the Genny allows the C.A.T to accurately trace the path and depth of the buried utilities.
    • The Genny is particularly useful for locating utilities in areas with high levels of interference or where the utilities are non-metallic CAT and Genny.

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