GeoMax Zoom40

GeoMax Zoom40

You decide what internal software will be installed in the Zoom40 total station: X-PAD, FieldGenius, Carlson SurvCE or any other. To take full advantage of the field software, work on the large, high-resolution touchscreen.



GeoMax Zoom40 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Freedom of choice of on-board software

You can choose the software that best suits your needs GeoMax X-PAD, GeoMax FieldGenius or Carlson SurvCE.

Color touch display

Easily work in any environment, select functions, enter data on a bright, clear screen.

The GeoMax Zoom40 is a total station designed for surveying, construction, and engineering applications. Here are some key features of the GeoMax Zoom40:

  1. High Precision Measurement: The GeoMax Zoom40 provides precise angle and distance measurements, ensuring accurate data collection for various surveying tasks.
  2. Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM): It is equipped with EDM technology, allowing for rapid and accurate distance measurements, even over long distances.
  3. Dual-axis Compensation: The total station features a dual-axis compensator, which automatically corrects for tilts in both the horizontal and vertical axes, ensuring accurate measurements regardless of the instrument’s orientation.
  4. Long Range: The GeoMax Zoom40 has a long measurement range, enabling surveyors to measure distances with high accuracy over considerable distances.
  5. Intuitive Interface: It comes with an intuitive user interface and a high-resolution display, making it easy to operate and navigate through the menu options.
  6. Rugged Design: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the GeoMax Zoom40 is rugged and durable, suitable for use in challenging field conditions such as dust, moisture, and temperature extremes.
  7. Wireless Connectivity: The total station may offer wireless connectivity options, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, for seamless data transfer between the instrument and other devices, such as field controllers or computers.
  8. Long Battery Life: The GeoMax typically comes with a rechargeable battery that provides long-lasting power for extended fieldwork sessions.

Overall, the GeoMax Zoom40 is a versatile and reliable total station that offers high precision, advanced features, and rugged construction, making it well-suited for a wide range of surveying and construction applications.

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