LandStar18in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

LandStar8 is built on a comprehensive cloud architecture that supports project backup, collaboration, data storage and many other valuable features.


LandStar18 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The best surveying and mapping software meets all the needs of surveyors in the field.

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has released the LandStar8 field survey and mapping app for Android devices. LandStar8 (or LS 8) is a versatile, modular and customizable software for topographic applications such as surveying, staking, cadastre, mapping and GIS. Building on the core functionality of the LandStar7, the new LandStar8 offers many new features such as an enhanced user interface, streamlined workflows, even faster performance and integrated cloud services.

Simplified interface layout, making life easier for the surveyor

LandStar8 has a simple and intuitive layout with large map windows and clear graphics. Users can hide rarely used features and display only those that are used on a daily basis, making the interface simpler and easier to use. LandStar8 is flexible and user-friendly field software for surveying and mapping applications.

Start your research in seconds

On LandStar18 you can easily copy coordinate settings, control points and stakeout points from another handheld controller by scanning a QR code. Projects are easily edited and sorted by history and attributes. Custom coordinate systems, geoid models, and coding libraries can be updated at any time using resource packs. LandStar8 also has a terrain calibration wizard designed specifically for inexperienced users.

Improve operator productivity in the field

LandStar8’s proprietary MetaCAD graphics engine opens DWG and DXF basemaps faster and delivers smoother renderings. DXF files up to 200 MB in size can be opened in less than 10 seconds. LandStar18supports opening external reference files, automatically recognizes CAD length units, and allows you to edit CAD base maps directly in the field.

Established communication between field and office

LandStar18 is designed with a comprehensive cloud architecture that supports project backup, collaboration, data storage and many other valuable features. Its remote support capabilities help the office help desk resolve user issues and provide personalized technical assistance. The “shared code” feature allows users to quickly transfer project data between desktop computers and field controllers or between different field controllers to further improve operational efficiency.

The TX63 Excavator Control System is a control system designed for excavators, particularly the TX63 model. Excavator control systems are crucial components in modern construction equipment, as they facilitate the operation and management of various functions of the excavator.

Here are some common features and functionalities that a control system for an excavator like the TX63 might include:

  1. Joystick Control LandStar18: Excavator control systems typically feature joystick controls that allow the operator to manipulate the boom, arm, and bucket of the excavator with precision.
  2. Hydraulic System Management: The control system manages the hydraulic system of the excavator, controlling the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid to power the various actuators and movements of the machine.
  3. Safety Features: Modern control systems incorporate safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop functionalities to ensure the safety of both the operator and the equipment.
  4. Automated Functions: Some advanced control systems may include automated functions such as auto-leveling, auto-dig, or semi-autonomous operation to improve efficiency and ease of use.
  5. Display Interface: Many control systems have a display interface that provides the operator with real-time feedback on machine parameters, diagnostics, and operational status.
  6. Integration with Other Systems: Excavator control systems may also integrate with other systems such as GPS, telematics, or fleet management software for enhanced functionality and data analysis.
  7. Customization Options LandStar18: Depending on the manufacturer and model, control systems may offer customization options to tailor the operation of the excavator to specific job requirements or operator preferences.

Overall, the TX63 Excavator Control System likely provides intuitive and efficient control over the excavator’s various functions, contributing to improved productivity and safety on construction sites.

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