Locator Stalker 15-14

Locator Stalker 15-14

Quick and accurate search for telephone, power cables and other communications, identification of coating defects and depth of occurrence with subsequent mapping.



Locator Stalker 15-14 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The Stalker 15-14 delivery set includes a GT-15 generator and a PT-14 receiver.

General features of the route search complex Locator Stalker 15-14:

  • Function “Compass” – a schematic display of communications on the display of the receiver;
  • GPS – callout of underground tracks with subsequent overlay on the map;
  • Wireless communication with PC (Bluetooth);
  • RADIO frequency (passive) for finding a trace without a generator;
  • Frequency 33 kHz for non-contact input of the generator signal into the cable;
  • Search for damage by “phase”, contact and non-contact methods;
  • Selection of cores in the cable and determination of the cable in the bundle using the MD-01 mini sensor;
  • Contactless supply of a search signal using KI-50 transmitting tongs;
  • Lightweight and compact generator GT-15.
  • Menu of the PT-14 receiver in Russian and English.

PT-14 receiver Locator Stalker 15-14

  • lightweight design (weight 1.7 kg)
  • continuous display of all necessary parameters on the display:

Function “Compass” indicating the direction of the current (from the generator / to the generator) to prevent accidental transition to “foreign” communication;

  1.   Scales «maximum» and «minimum»< /b>;
  2. Depths and communication currents at all active frequencies;
  3. scale “probe” – to determine the places of damage;
  4.                                                                                                                  «-»;
  5. The function of the current direction (from the generator/to the generator), to exclude an accidental transition to “alien” communication;
  6.     Sharp maximum mode.

Recording to the memory of the PT-14 receiver: Locator Stalker 15-14

  • level of signals from magnetic antennas and input PROBE;
  • directions to communication;
  • indication of the depth of the communication and the magnitude of the current in it;
  • search current directions;
  • relative polarity of the potential difference at the input PROBE;
  • signal phases at the input “ROAD”;
  • working frequencies;
  • local date and time at the time of reading from GPS information;
  • coordinates of the place where readings were taken using GPS information.

Generator GT-15

  • The frequency of 33 kHz ensures effective detection of communications when the signal of the GT-15 generator is contactless;
  • simultaneous supply of two frequencies;
  • indication of the value of the output current;
  • voltage, power, load resistance allows you to judge the quality of the connection to the route and evaluate the possible range of tracing communications;
  • two modes of operation – continuous and pulsed generation to save battery power;
  • automatic matching of the generator with the load.

Technical characteristics of GT-15 generator

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Operating frequencies*, Hz 273, 1024.8928, 32768 Output power adjustment range at load from 0.5 to 600 Ohm, W from 1 to 10 The current consumed from the DC source, A no more than 1.8 Overall dimensions, mm, no more 210x130x100 Operating temperature range, °C -30 to +55 Mass, kg, no more 2,5