Pearpoint Flexitrax P540c

Pearpoint Flexitrax P540c

Overall, the Pearpoint Flexitrax P540c is a versatile and powerful pipeline inspection system that provides advanced features and capabilities for assessing and surveying underground infrastructure. Its modular design, integrated reporting software, and wireless connectivity make it a valuable tool for utility companies, municipal authorities, and contractors involved in pipeline inspection and maintenance projects.

Cable length:30 m, 35 m, 60 m, 120 m, 150 m
Chamber diameter:25mm, 50mm
Location:640Hz probe
Auto level:Yes
Country of origin:England
Warranty:1 year


Pearpoint Flexitrax P540c in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The flexiprobe P540c is the most powerful Pearpoint controller ever developed, with intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons to get your test done quickly.

Built-in reporting system compliant with MSCC 3, 4 or 5 standards and built-in WiFi allow you to share reports via email or DropBox while on site. Or simply copy to a flash drive in one of the three USB ports.

Colleagues and/or clients can see your video review in real time by viewing it in a standard web browser on their locally connected communications device, such as a phone or tablet.

Easy to use, efficient to own Flexitrax P540c

The P540c offers an intuitive graphical user interface with a built-in user manual, a full-size QWERTY keyboard (regional options available), and a choice of 6 different languages at startup. ATM-style context-sensitive buttons on both sides of the display provide access to easy-to-use menus, while an additional 7 buttons provide direct control of the functions you use most.

The flexiprobe P540c features a 10.1″ HD display with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution for crisp, clear images and 128GB of internal storage for over 2 months of video recording under normal use¹. The rugged IP55 housing and built-in battery ensure reliability and ease of use in the most challenging environments.

¹ Typical use is 100 minutes of video recording per day for 5 days a week.

On-site reporting Flexitrax P540c

The flexiprobe P540c has built-in report templates to meet various standards such as WRc MSCC3, 4 or 5 or your own. Reports are available for sharing immediately after the study is completed.

WinCan² is also an option and can be purchased at the same time as the flexiprobe P540c system or later as your needs evolve.

² Contact Pearpoint for availability of this option. May require a separate license from WinCan

Replacement equipment for flexibility Flexitrax P540c

Choose from 5 shaft lengths/flexibility options and 2 chambers. Then choose a small solid wand or 2 sizes of flexible wand that will help guide the camera and boom in tight traps and turns and can also be detected by a locator like the RD5100S.

Fast, intuitive verification Flexitrax P540c

Fast loading times, 10 context-sensitive buttons on the sides of the display and 7 additional buttons for frequently used tasks create a control system that is quick to set up and easy to use. Intuitive menus guide you through the survey without any complicated keyboard shortcuts to remember. Sharing the final report with clients or the office is completed with just a few keystrokes, allowing you to quickly move on to the next job.

There are 6 menu languages and QWERTY keyboard layouts available for each language (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Simplified Chinese), more languages will be added later.

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