Portable vibration meter ADL M12


The ADL M12 Handheld Vibration Meter is a simple, easy-to-use diagnostic tool for monitoring vibration and solving problems related to the vibration condition of a variety of industrial equipment.



Parameter name Value
Root mean square vibration frequency 0.01—200 mm/s
Peak value of vibration acceleration 0.1—200 m/s2
Vibration displacement range 2-2000 µm
Frequency range 10-1000 Hz
Measurement error +/-5%
IP sensor protection class IP 54
Sensor power supply Li-Pol battery, 3.7 V; 370 mAh
Battery life depending on work intensity 4 – 8 hours
Battery charging connector USB Type-C
Charging time, hours 1.5
Operating temperature range from -10 to +55° C
Humidity, % 85
Overall dimensions (with magnetic fastening), mm 30х28х90
Sieve type, size, mm OLED, 0.91 inches


ADL M12 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Using the device

The ADL-M12 vibration meter can detect wear at an early stage, helping to ensure trouble-free operation and reduce repair and maintenance costs for industrial equipment.

The main advantages of the DL M12 are:

  • Miniature design with magnetic fastening and the ability to attach to an M5 stud to eliminate the influence of the human factor during the measurement process;
  • High accuracy of measurements for 3 vibration parameters: vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, vibration displacement;
  • Diagnostics of bearings by crest factor;
  • High degree of protection against shocks and falls;
  • Built-in battery and USB Type-C charging connector;
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connection (optional);
  • Real-time data transfer to any mobile device (optional);
  • Built-in bright OLED display;
  • measurement resolution up to 0.01;
  • Easy to use.

A feature of the ADL M12 vibrometer is that it can operate in the following modes:

Classical vibration meter – involves using the device as an indicator of the overall vibration level, measuring peak values, displacement or diagnosing bearings by crest factor. As a result, the device displays the current and average values. In addition, the average time of receiving vibration values can be changed according to the individual sequence.

This mode will be useful for daily monitoring of equipment: pumps, gearboxes, electric drives and turbine units, including both individual components of rotary equipment and the entire unit as a whole, which will give a general idea of the vibration state of industrial equipment. in business.

Lineman Assistant – work of maintenance personnel along a specific route with data transfer to an external device. It is possible to connect to existing software or order custom software development.

The ADL M12 Vibrometer is a portable vibration monitoring assistant that greatly improves the vibration monitoring process by making it extremely easy, convenient and accurate!

As of my last update, there’s no specific information available about the “ADL M12” portable vibration meter. However, I can provide you with a general overview of what features and functionalities you might expect from a portable vibration meter:

  1. Vibration Measurement: A portable vibration meter like the ADL M12 would be designed to measure vibrations in machinery, structures, and components. It can detect vibrations in terms of frequency, amplitude, and other parameters to assess equipment condition and health.
  2. Compact and Lightweight Design: Being portable, the ADL M12 would likely have a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around for on-site measurements and field applications.
  3. Measurement Methods: The vibration meter would use various measurement techniques such as FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis, time-domain analysis, and frequency-domain analysis to capture and analyze vibrations. These methods enable the identification of vibration sources, frequencies, and patterns.
  4. Measurement Range: The portable vibration meter would come with a specified measurement range, indicating the frequencies and amplitudes it can accurately measure.
  5. Display and Controls: It would feature a display screen and user-friendly controls for intuitive operation and easy access to measurement readings, spectra, and settings.
  6. Battery Power: The ADL M12 would likely operate on battery power, providing flexibility for usage in various locations without the need for a power outlet.
  7. Applications: Portable vibration meters are used in various industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, energy, and transportation. They are used to monitor machinery health, detect faults, and prevent unexpected failures, thus playing a crucial role in predictive maintenance programs.
  8. Data Logging and Reporting: The vibration meter may have built-in memory for storing measurement data, facilitating later analysis and report generation. It might also be compatible with software for more in-depth data analysis and reporting.
  9. Calibration and Maintenance: Regular calibration and maintenance are necessary to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. The manufacturer might provide calibration instructions and support services for maintenance and technical assistance.
  10. Accessories and Support: The portable vibration meter might come with accessories such as accelerometers, mounting fixtures, cables, and software. Additionally, the manufacturer might offer training and technical support services to assist users in maximizing the capabilities of the device.

If the ADL M12 is a specific model, you may want to consult the manufacturer’s documentation or contact the manufacturer directly for detailed specifications and information tailored to this portable vibration meter.

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