Radiodetection Sewer probe 8m DOUBLE

Sewer probe 8m DOUBLE

A “sewer probe 8m double” likely refers to a specialized tool used for inspecting sewer systems, particularly for locating blockages, assessing pipe conditions, or conducting maintenance and repairs.



Sewer probe 8m DOUBLE in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Autonomous signal transmitter powered by battery, dimensions 64mm x 168mm. Suitable for connection to Flexrod for locating pipes and other non-metallic communications. It propagates a signal at a frequency of 33 kHz and is highly perceptible for location at a depth of up to 8 m.


Here’s a breakdown of the potential features and usage of such a tool:

  1. Length: The “8m” specification indicates that the probe is 8 meters long. This length allows it to reach deep into sewer pipes, facilitating inspection and maintenance tasks.
  2. Double-ended: The term “double” suggests that the probe has probing tips at both ends. This design can be beneficial for navigating through sewer systems, as it allows the user to probe in both directions without having to reposition the tool.
  3. Material: Sewer probes are typically made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or reinforced fiberglass. These materials ensure that the probe can withstand exposure to sewage and other harsh environments.
  4. Handles: The probe may feature ergonomic handles or grips to provide the user with a comfortable and secure hold while maneuvering the tool within the sewer system.
  5. Versatility: Sewer probes may come with interchangeable tips or attachments to accommodate different inspection tasks. For example, they may include brushes for cleaning debris or cameras for visual inspection.
  6. Compatibility Sewer probe 8m DOUBLE: Depending on the specific application, sewer probes may be compatible with various accessories or equipment such as cameras, sonar devices, or GPS systems for enhanced inspection capabilities.
  7. Safety Features v: Some sewer probes may include safety features such as locking mechanisms or tethering points to prevent accidental loss or retrieval difficulties in the event the probe becomes stuck in the sewer system.

Overall, a sewer probe with these specifications would be a valuable tool for professionals involved in sewer maintenance, inspection, and repair work, allowing them to effectively assess the condition of sewer infrastructure and address any issues that arise.

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