Rotating laser level GeoMax Zone20 H basic

TheGeomax Zone20 Hlaser level with 360° horizontal plane projection is easy to operate and has all the necessary functions to solve everyday problems on a construction site. Automatic leveling of the horizontal plane and setting the slope along two axes in manual mode will help during repair and construction work.

Advantages of GeoMax Zone20 H basic

  • Automatic horizontal alignment;
  • Manual input of slope along two axes;
  • Range up to 900 m;
  • Automatic leveling ± 5°.
1 year

Technical characteristics
Technical characteristics Range of work with the receiver: 900 m
Visible range: 30 m
Horizontal accuracy: ± 0.02 mm/m
Laser color Red
Levelling: Horizontal and vertical
Compensator type: Servo
Number of speeds 1
Compensator operation: ± 6°
Rotation speed 0/600 rpm
Scanning angle 360°
Power type Li-Ion
Batteries 4 x D / Li-Ion battery
Operating time up to 40 h
Operating temperature: from-10°C to +50°C
Protection from dust and moisture IP67
Weight 3.06 kg
Device dimensions 218x241x201 mm
Functionality: Horizontal layout Yes
Vertical layout No
Set slope No
Adjusting the tilt of the plane along the X axis: No
Adjusting the tilt of the plane along the Y axis: No
Plumb up No
Supply kit Radiation receiver Yes
Receiver model ZRB35 basic
Remote control type No
Remote control model No
Wall mount No
Battery Yes
Charger Yes
Case Plastic
Batteries No
Manufacturer GeoMax
Article 6013519
Dimensions and weight 49x47x24 cm  8.4 kg