Rotating laser level GeoMax Zone60 HG basic

Zone60 HG basic

The Geomax Zone60 HG digital laser level with 360° horizontal plane projection is easy to operate and has all the necessary set of functions to solve daily tasks on a construction site. Automatic leveling of the horizontal plane and setting the slope along two axes in manual mode will help during repair and construction work.

Technical characteristics
Technical characteristics Range of work with the receiver: 900 m
Visible range: 30 m
Horizontal accuracy: ± 0.05 mm/m
Laser color Red
Levelling: Horizontal and vertical
Compensator type: Servo
Number of speeds 1
Compensator operation: ± 5°
Rotation speed 0/600 rpm
Power type Li-Ion
Batteries 4 x D / Li-Ion battery
Operating time up to 40 h
Operating temperature: from-20°C to +50°C
Protection from dust and moisture IP67
Weight 3.16 kg
Device dimensions 218x241x201 mm
Functionality: Horizontal layout Yes
Vertical layout No
Set slope Yes
Adjusting the tilt of the plane along the X axis: Yes
Adjusting the tilt of the plane along the Y axis: Yes
Plumb up No
Supply kit Radiation receiver Yes
Receiver model ZRB35 basic
Remote control type No
Remote control model No
Wall mount No
Battery Yes
Charger Yes
Case Plastic
Batteries No
Manufacturer GeoMax
Article 6013525
Dimensions and weight 49x47x24 cm  8.4 kg
Warranty 1 year


Zone60 HG basic in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Advantages of GeoMax Zone60 HG basic

  • automatic horizontal alignment;
  • accuracy ± 1.5 mm at 30 m;
  • manual input of slope along two axes;
  • range up to 900 m;
  • automatic leveling ± 6°.

The GeoMax Zone60 HG Basic Rotary Laser Level is a reliable tool designed for fundamental leveling and alignment tasks in construction, surveying, and engineering projects. Here are the features and functionalities you might expect from this device:

  1. Horizontal and Vertical Leveling: The Zone60 HG Basic emits both horizontal and vertical laser beams, providing reference lines or planes for accurate leveling and alignment over long distances.
  2. Manual Grade Setting: Unlike more advanced models, the Zone60 HG Basic may not offer digital grade capabilities. Grade setting is done manually, making it suitable for simpler tasks where precise grade control is not required.
  3. Single Grade Functionality: This laser level likely supports single-grade operations, enabling users to set slopes in one axis. While it may not support dual-grade functionality, it can still be useful for basic grading and leveling tasks.
  4. Basic Accuracy: The GeoMax Zone60 HG Basic offers standard accuracy for basic leveling tasks, ensuring that measurements are reliable and consistent within a certain tolerance range.
  5. Simple Operation: The laser level is designed for ease of use, with simple controls and intuitive operation. It’s suitable for users who require a straightforward solution for basic leveling and alignment tasks.
  6. LCD Display: The laser level may come with a basic LCD display that shows essential information such as battery status and operating mode.
  7. Manual Slope Adjustment: Users can manually adjust the slope or grade of the laser beam by physically adjusting the device’s position. This may involve using leveling screws or other manual adjustment mechanisms.
  8. Battery Powered: The Zone60 HG Basic operates on batteries, providing portability and flexibility for use in various environments without the need for external power sources.
  9. Rugged Design: It likely features a durable and rugged design suitable for outdoor use in construction sites and other demanding environments.
  10. Mounting Options: The GeoMax Zone60 HG Basic can be mounted on a tripod or other mounting accessories for stable and accurate operation at different heights and positions.
  11. Affordability: As a basic model, the Zone60 HG Basic offers a cost-effective solution for users who require a rotary laser level for simple leveling and alignment tasks without the need for advanced features.

Overall, the GeoMax Zone60 HG Basic Rotary Laser Level is a reliable and budget-friendly tool designed for basic leveling and alignment applications in construction and surveying projects. While it may lack some advanced features found in higher-end models, it provides a practical solution for users with simpler requirements.

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