Spot magnetic locator

Spot magnetic locator

Overall, Spot is a reliable and versatile tool for detecting and locating buried ferrous objects. Its sensitive detection capabilities, ergonomic design, and rugged construction make it an essential tool for professionals involved in utility management, construction, and excavation projects.



The frequency of sound increases or decreases with increasing signal strength (gradient field intensity). Sequence of beeps according to the gain setting (one beep for #1, two beeps for #2, etc.)

FREQUENCY RANGE:from 30 to 4000 Hz.

DEPTH DETECTION:Depth up to 5.5 m, depending on object

LOW BATTERY INDICATOR:Beep ½ second every 13 seconds

POWER INPUT:One 9V battery

BATTERY LIFE:24 hours (occasional use)




WEIGHT:0.9 kg

WATER AND DUST RESISTANT:Overall rating IP54, waterproof up to 27 inches (58 cm) from the bottom tip

Country of origin:Great Britain
Warranty:1 year


Spot magnetic locator in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Metal and magnetic locators
The “next generation stick locator” delivers accuracy and ease of use in a sleek, lightweight package with improved ergonomics. If you’re looking for high accuracy at a lower cost, put Spot on the trail of your next location!

Highest sensitivity
Our HeliFlux sensors are highly sensitive, allowing Schonstedt products to detect products down to depths of 5.5m/18ft.

Ergonomic and durable Spot – magnetic locator
We’ve been serving magnetic locator users since 1953 and have developed a range of products that are great for use over extended periods of time and are durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Dust and waterproof (protection degree IP54) Spot magnetic locator
Waterproofing allows users to continue searching for ferrous items in inclement weather, even if they are under light snow or rain.

Easy access to battery removal Spot magnetic locatorr
Schonstedt magnetic locators consume little battery power, but even when new batteries are needed, they can be changed quickly and easily… without tools, without problems, without delays.

Modular design and high-performance components Spot magnetic locator
The design and construction of our magnetic locators make them a rare combination of high performance, ruggedness, and ease of maintenance and repair, resulting in a low total cost of ownership.

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