Total station Trimble C5 5 OP

Trimble C5 5 OP

The Trimble C5 5” OP Engineering Total Station is capable of measuring distances up to 800 m in reflectorless mode, ensuring convenient shooting. Autofocus technology allows you to quickly zero in on your target and start measuring without having to worry about adjusting the image. This model is equipped with an optical plummet.

Device type Tacheometer type Manual
Leading screws Anchor
Angle measurements Angle accuracy 5″
Reflectorless measurements Range without reflector 800 m
Accuracy without reflector ± (3.0 mm + 2.0 ppm)
Time without reflector 1.0 sec
Reflector measurements Range to reflector 5000 m
Reflector accuracy ± (2.0 mm + 2.0 ppm)
Time for reflector 1.0 sec
Film range 300 m
Compensator Compensator type Dual-axis fluid-electric sensor
Operating range ±3’
Spotting scope Zoom 30х
Field angle 1°25’
Illuminated reticle No
Minimum focal length 1.5 m
Robotic photography Scanning capability No
Working with images No
Photographic capabilities Camera No
Power Battery 2x Li-ion batteries 6700 m/Ah
Charging time 6 h
Working time 12 h
Data recording / Communications Ports RS232, USB, Bluetooth
RS232 Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Card reader No
Data format Nikon, SDR2x, SDR33
Internal memory 4 GB
General characteristics Operating system Windows Embedded Compact 7
Processor 800 MHz
Target indicator Yes
Dust and moisture protection IP66
Operating temperature –20°C to + 50°C
Device dimensions 206x169x318
Weight with battery 4.3
Display and keyboard Display type Color touch
Display resolutions 640×480
Keyboard type Functional
Backlight display
Number of displays 2
Second display Color touch
Second keyboard 14 keys
Center Plummet type Optical
Auto height measurement No
Field software Software product Trimble Access
Supply kit Trader Yes
Battery Yes
Mini prism Option
Memory card No
Primary verification Yes
Manufacturer Trimble< /a>
Article C550100
Country of production Japan
Dimensions and weight 54x31x48 cm11.32 kg
Warranty 2 years


Trimble C5 5 OP in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Advantages of Trimble C5 5” OP

Angular accuracy – 5”.
The maximum measurement range is 5000 m.
2 backlit touch displays.
Locate2Protect protection system.
Trimble Access software.
Bluetooth. USB.
Possibility of “hot” replacement of batteries.
IP66 protection.
Clamping guide screws.
30x magnification telescope.


The Trimble engineering total station is highly accurate for measuring long distances. This value depends on the type of shooting: when taking readings using a prism, the standard deviation is 2 mm + 2 ppm, and when working in reflectorless mode, the value reaches 3 mm + 2 ppm.

2 color touch displays are located on opposite ends of the Trimble C5 and facilitate shooting at different positions of the vertical circle and spotting scope. Function keys are also duplicated. All controls are backlit for convenient operation in the dark.

Autofocus makes shooting faster. To set the correct focal length, just aim at the reflector, after which the optical system will independently adjust its parameters. The function can be disabled in the menu for manual control C5 5 OP.


The Locate2Protect system allows you to detect the device if it is stolen and lock it until it is detected. In addition, the function can track the location and abnormal situations that occurred with the total station in your absence – strong vibrations, mechanical damage, shocks, etc. All information is stored in the memory of the Trimble C5 5” OP total station with reference to time and geolocation, and is also transferred to a smartphone, controller or PC. This system is purchased and installed separately C5 5 OP.

Trimble Access software allows you to process data, load substrates, export files, align traverses, and much more – all directly in the field. Thanks to this software, you reduce office processes, and also make them more convenient and simpler. The tacheometer has a basic version of the program installed, however, its functionality can be expanded with additional modules that are purchased separately C5 5 OP.

Design features

The total station body is made of durable materials and meets IP66 class. Thanks to this, the device can be used safely in conditions of high dust content in the air, as well as in pouring rain.

Power comes from 2 removable Li-Ion batteries. Due to its design, you can “hot” replace batteries without turning off the total station and losing survey progress. When measuring angles and distances, the batteries will last for 6-7 hours of continuous operation. Full charge takes 6 hours C5 5 OP.

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