TX63 Excavator Control System

TX63 Excavator Control System

The CHCNAV TX63 excavator control system improves the quality and efficiency of excavation work. A high-precision dual-antenna GNSS system and inertial sensors, combined with EX-Tech technology, provide reliable 3D positioning to determine the position of the bucket in real time relative to the project surface. Real-time guidance of the bucket onto the target surface ensures excavation accuracy in less time, increasing efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for outside supervision and working blindly.


TX63 Excavator Control System in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The 10-inch touch panel allows you to display all the necessary information on one screen. GradeNav TX63 software offers a simple yet powerful tool for all precision grading tasks. Project information, cut/fill information, and design surface are displayed on the screen.

High dynamic positioning performance with dual GNSS antennas and tilt sensors

TX63 Excavator Control System

technology combines GNSS and tilt sensors to achieve blade positioning accuracy of ±3 cm. The GNSS receiver tracks all modern systems – GLONASS, GPS, BeiDou, Galileo out of the box and supports receiving corrections via both NTRIP and VHF.

Increased durability in construction conditions

The TX63 Excavator Control system is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. All components are protected from dust and moisture, vibration, and the touch screen has an anti-reflective coating. The TX63 excavator control system helps you get more productive work done with fewer machines, delivering a quick return on investment.

Color indication of accuracy

You can set colors to display cut/fill to match the precision you require, as well as unclimbed areas to differentiate between graded areas.

Alarms for exceeding the boundaries of the established work area ensure accuracy and detail of work.

GradeNav software can be trained in a day

GradeNav TX63 Excavator Control System installed on the 10″ panel supports the import of DXF files, including surfaces, slopes, TIN models, curves, to manage all surface alignment operations as required project. GradeNav is intuitive, helping complete projects quickly, even for novice machinists

CHCNAV’s EX-Tech algorithm improves the alignment accuracy to ±3cm, which can fully meet the requirements of earthwork construction.

Several custom configurations can be configured to define the operating parameters of the object and simplify the operator’s work.

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