M5+ GNSS receiver is one of the most cost-effective solutions selected by a large number of surveyors for its outstanding performances and reliability.

Overall, the CHC M5 KIT is a comprehensive solution for surveying and mapping professionals, providing everything needed to perform high-precision GNSS positioning tasks in the field. The specific components included in the kit may vary depending on the manufacturer’s offerings and the intended use case.


CHC M5 KIT in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Outstanding 384 channels multi-constellation tracking supports GPS, GLONASS and BDS for obstructed sky conditions to guarantee RTK accuracy and reliability in the field.

Perfect compatibility with Android-based field surveying software LandStar 7 provides an epoch-making experience for various and flexible working industries.

M5+ innovative design integrates a built-in GNSS core, multi-constellation antenna, Blue- tooth communication, Rx/Tx UHF datalink and network modules in one single receiver.

M5+ GNSS receiver brings extremely affordable GNSS RTK solution to surveyors without a high cost.

The CHC M5 GNSS Receiver is a high-precision positioning device designed for various surveying and mapping applications. The “KIT” likely refers to a package or bundle that includes the M5 receiver along with other necessary components or accessories. Here’s an overview of what you might expect to find in a CHC M5 KIT:

  1. CHC M5 GNSS Receiver: The core component of the kit is the CHC M5 GNSS receiver itself. The M5 is capable of tracking multiple satellite constellations (such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou) and multiple frequencies to provide accurate positioning data.
  2. GNSS Antenna: The kit may include a GNSS antenna optimized for use with the M5 receiver. The antenna is essential for receiving satellite signals and plays a crucial role in determining positioning accuracy.
  3. Data Collector or Controller : Depending on the specific kit configuration, it may include a data collector or controller device used for controlling the M5 receiver, logging data, and performing surveying tasks in the field. This device typically runs surveying software for data collection and processing.
  4. Tripod and Bipod: To stabilize the GNSS antenna and receiver during data collection, the kit may include a tripod or bipod. These accessories help ensure that the antenna maintains a stable position and orientation while collecting data.
  5. Battery and Charger CHC M5 KIT: The kit likely includes rechargeable batteries to power the GNSS receiver and data collector/controller. Additionally, it may include a charger for replenishing the batteries between field sessions.
  6. Communication Cables CHC M5 KIT: Various cables may be included in the kit for connecting the GNSS receiver to the data collector/controller and other accessories. These cables facilitate data transfer and communication between components.
  7. Carrying Case: A carrying case or bag may be included to transport and protect the components of the kit while in transit or during fieldwork. The case helps keep everything organized and provides added protection against damage.
  8. Mounting Accessories: Depending on the application, the kit may include mounting accessories such as brackets or clamps for securing the GNSS antenna to a tripod or other mounting structure.
  9. Documentation and Software: Finally, the kit may include user manuals, documentation, and software CDs or download links for configuring and operating the CHC M5 receiver and associated components.

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