Optical level ZAL200 series

ZAL200 series

The new series of optical levels GeoMax ZAL200 are reliable and durable tools designed for construction professionals. A reliable and durable device body, a model range with a choice of magnification or accuracy, a wide range of additional accessories and services – GeoMax optical levels are excellent quality at an affordable price.



ZAL200 series in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Professional performance

Three models, excellent in accuracy and magnification 20 x / 24 x / 32 x, horizontal circle 360° and accuracy up to 1.9 mm

Solution for construction

The robust housing provides a high protection class corresponding to IP56. Simple and easy to operate, the ZAL200 is the ideal solution for any construction site.


A wide range of accessories, after-sales service and unified service support – GeoMax meets all the needs of the modern customer.

Excellent quality

Optical levels are affordable and provide highly accurate results thanks to high build quality.

The GeoMax ZAL200 series optical levels are advanced instruments designed for precise leveling and angle measurement in surveying, construction, and engineering applications. Here are some key features and aspects of the GeoMax ZAL200 series:

  1. High Precision Optics: The ZAL200 series optical levels are equipped with high-quality optics that provide clear and accurate readings. They typically offer magnifications ranging from 20x to 32x, allowing surveyors to measure distances and angles with high precision.
  2. Automatic Compensator: These optical levels feature an automatic compensator mechanism that ensures the instrument remains level, even on uneven terrain. This helps maintain accuracy in measurements and eliminates the need for manual adjustments.
  3. Advanced Design: The ZAL200 series optical levels feature an ergonomic and rugged design, suitable for use in various environmental conditions. They are often built to withstand dust, water, and shocks, making them ideal for outdoor use on construction sites and in the field.
  4. Easy to Use: The ZAL200 series optical levels are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and ergonomic features that make them easy to operate. They typically come with a horizontal circle for angle measurements and a focusing knob for adjusting the instrument’s focus.
  5. Multiple Models: The ZAL200 series includes several models with different magnifications, accuracy levels, and features to suit various surveying and construction needs. Users can choose the model that best fits their requirements and budget.
  6. Accessory Compatibility: These optical levels are often compatible with a range of accessories, including tripods, leveling rods, and carrying cases, which can enhance their functionality and convenience in the field.
  7. Reliability and Accuracy: GeoMax is known for producing reliable and accurate surveying equipment, and the ZAL200 series optical levels are no exception. They are designed to deliver consistent and precise measurements, ensuring reliable results in surveying and construction projects.

Overall, the GeoMax ZAL200 series optical levels are advanced and reliable instruments designed for professionals in the surveying and construction industry. They offer high-quality optics, automatic leveling, and robust construction, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in the field.

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