Induction CD clamp Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp 80 cm

Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp 80 cm

Overall, the Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp with an 80 cm size serves as an essential accessory for utility locating equipment, providing a secure and reliable connection point for inducing signals onto cables or pipes for tracing purposes.



Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp 80 cm in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

They are used to identify individual communications in densely populated areas. They provide reliable detection when the CD mode is activated and also measure the current from the generator for further identification of individual communications. In CD mode, the RD8KPDL(B) locator and TX10(B) generator are required for information and identification. If only measurement data is needed, then clamps can be used on all models of locators in the range of generators.

The Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp is a specialized accessory used with Radiodetection utility locating equipment, specifically with cable and pipe locators. It’s typically used to induce signals onto a cable or pipe for tracing purposes. Here’s what such a clamp could entail:

  1. Transmitter Clamp Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp 80 cm: The clamp is designed to securely attach to a cable or pipe. It acts as a connection point for the transmitter unit, allowing it to induce signals onto the cable or pipe for tracing purposes.
  2. CD Transmitter Radiodetection CD transmitter clamp 80 cm: The term “CD” likely refers to “Current Directional” transmitter, which is a type of transmitter used in utility locating applications. This transmitter generates an electromagnetic signal that can be detected by a receiver unit, helping locate the path of underground utilities.
  3. Size: The “80 cm” specification indicates the size of the clamp, with 80 cm referring to its length or diameter. This size is likely suitable for attaching to cables or pipes of varying diameters.
  4. Material: The clamp is typically constructed from durable materials such as metal or reinforced plastic to withstand the rigors of field use and ensure a secure connection to the cable or pipe.
  5. Compatibility: The CD transmitter clamp is designed to be compatible with Radiodetection utility locating equipment, ensuring proper functionality and signal transmission between the transmitter unit and the utility being traced.
  6. Applications: The clamp is commonly used in various industries and sectors, including construction, utilities, telecommunications, and infrastructure maintenance. It plays a crucial role in accurately tracing the paths of underground utilities to prevent accidental damage during excavation or construction activities.

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