Induction clamp Radiodetection Generator clamp100 mm

Radiodetection Generator clamp100 mm

The device helps to track a given communication in areas with high communication saturation. Suitable for covering communications with a diameter of 100 mm.



Radiodetection Generator clamp100 mm in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

A “Radiodetection Generator clamp 100 mm” likely refers to a specialized clamp or accessory used in conjunction with Radiodetection equipment, particularly in the context of utility detection and location.

Here are some possible interpretations and functions of such a clamp:

  1. Grounding Clamp: It could be a grounding clamp designed to securely connect a Radiodetection generator to a grounding point or earth electrode. Grounding is essential for safety and effective operation when using Radiodetection equipment for utility locating or fault finding.
  2. Pipe or Cable Clamp: Another possibility is that it’s a clamp designed to attach a Radiodetection generator to a specific type of pipe or cable for tracing purposes. The 100 mm measurement could indicate the maximum diameter of pipes or cables that the clamp can accommodate.
  3. Mounting Clamp: It might serve as a mounting clamp to secure the generator in place during operation, particularly when working in challenging terrain or environments where stability is crucial.
  4. Signal Clamp: It could also be a clamp designed to attach signal leads or cables from the generator to a target utility or conductor for inducing signals and facilitating tracing or locating operations.

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