Induction clamp Radiodetection Locator clamp 215 mm

Radiodetection Locator clamp 215 mm

Overall, the Radiodetection Locator clamp with a size of 215 mm serves as an essential accessory for utility locating equipment, providing a reliable and secure attachment point for accurately detecting and tracing underground utilities.



Radiodetection Locator clamp 215 mm in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The device helps to track a given communication in areas with high communication saturation. Suitable for covering communications with a diameter of 215 mm.

The Radiodetection Locator clamp, measuring 215 mm, is likely an accessory used in utility locating tasks with Radiodetection equipment, particularly cable and pipe locators. Here’s what such a clamp may entail:

  1. Design: The Locator clamp is designed to securely attach to cables, pipes, or other utilities, allowing the utility locator device to detect and trace their path accurately. It typically features a sturdy construction to withstand outdoor conditions and repeated use.
  2. Size: The “215 mm” measurement refers to the size of the clamp, likely indicating its length or diameter. This size is crucial for ensuring compatibility with a wide range of utility sizes commonly encountered in utility locating applications.
  3. Materials Radiodetection Locator clamp 215 mm: The clamp is likely made from durable materials such as metal or reinforced plastic to provide stability and longevity in various environmental conditions. These materials ensure the clamp can withstand the rigors of fieldwork and maintain a secure grip on the utility being traced.
  4. Connector Compatibility Radiodetection Locator clamp 215 mm: The clamp may feature connectors or adapters that allow it to be easily attached to Radiodetection utility locator devices. These connectors ensure a reliable connection between the clamp and the locator unit, facilitating accurate signal transmission and utility detection.
  5. Applications: The Radiodetection Locator clamp with a size of 215 mm is commonly used in construction, utilities, telecommunications, and infrastructure maintenance industries. It plays a vital role in accurately locating and mapping the paths of underground utilities to prevent accidental damage during excavation or construction activities.

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