RD8200 Cable and piping arrangement

RD8200 Cable

Overall, the RD8200 utility locator system is a powerful and versatile tool for accurately locating and tracing underground utilities such as cables and pipes. Its modular design, customizable accessories, and user-friendly interface make it suitable for a wide range of utility locating applications in various ground conditions and environment

Radiodetection RD8200
Product information
Product descriptions multipurpose precision locator
cable and pipe locator
location system receiver
multipurpose precision locator
Purpose determining the position/route of underground pipes and cables
detection and pinpointing of insulation faults in underground cables and pipes
create records when searching for the location of underground cables and pipes
RD8200 Locator
Maximum depth 6m
Number of location frequencies 22
Number of probe frequencies 4
Passive modes 5
Built-in GPS receiver no
Power frequency filters yes, enabled by default
Record usage data no
Survey results yes, enabled by default
CALSafe™ function yes, disabled by default
4 kHz +current direction
Current direction yes, enabled by default
Search for damage yes, enabled by default
Depth in Power function yes, enabled by default
Passive hover mode yes, enabled by default
iLOC yes, enabled by default
Dual Bluetooth communication yes, enabled by default
Li-ion battery option (optional)
Generators Tx-5 Tx-10 Tx-10 B
Output Power (Max) 5W 10W 10W
Active frequencies 16 16 36
Induction frequencies 8 8 8
Def. current direction no 6 14
iLOC control panel no no yes, enabled by default
Damage search yes, enabled by default yes, enabled by default yes, enabled by default
Induction field strength 0.85 1 1
Eco mode yes, disabled by default yes, disabled by default yes, disabled by default
Li-ion battery option (optional) option (optional) option (optional)
Operational indicators
Sensitivity 6 E-15 Tesla
5 µA at 1 meter (33 kHz)
Dynamic range 140 dB rms/Hz
Selectivity 120 dB/Hz
Depth measurement accuracy1 ± 3%
Location accuracy ± 5% of depth
Active location filter bandwidth ± 3Hz, 0 <1 kHz ± 10 Hz, ≥1 kHz
Start time less than 1 s
Maximum depth reading2 metric: cable/pipe: 30 m probe: 19.5 m
UK: cable/pipe: 98 inches probe: 64 inches
Search functions
Active location modes peak
Peak+™ (select combined peak and guidance or peak and zero)
hover mode
Broad Peak™
zero mode
Gain adjustment aiming mode: automatic
other modes: manual boost with “+” or “-” button with one touch to return to center (50% of fullscale)
Custom location frequencies up to 5 additional frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to 1 kHz at 1 Hz resolution
Active location frequencies 21 frequencies: VLF (98/128 Hz), 512 Hz, 570 Hz, 577 Hz, 640 Hz, 760 Hz, 870 Hz, 920 Hz, 940 Hz, 1090 Hz, 1450 Hz, 4096 Hz, 8 kHz, 8440 Hz, 9820 Hz, 33 kHz, 65 kHz, 82 kHz, 83 kHz, 131 kHz and 200 kHz
Probe frequencies 4 frequencies: 512 Hz, 640 Hz, 8 kHz and 33 kHz
Damage search search for faults at 8 kHz and when determining the direction of current
location of damage to pipe and cable insulation with an accuracy of 10 cm with an additional A-frame and a compatible generator
Current Direction™ 14 current direction pairs: 219.9/439.8 Hz, 256/512 Hz, 280/560 Hz, 285/570 Hz, 320/640 Hz, 380/760 Hz, 460/920 Hz, 4096/8192 Hz, 680/340 Hz (INV), 800/400 Hz (INV), 920/460 Hz (INV), 968/484 Hz (INV), 1168/584 Hz (INV), 1248/624 Hz (INV)
Signal pairs confirmation to the operator when tracking the desired pipe/cable with arrows in the direction of current and compatible generator
Passive location modes industrial frequencies, radio signal
CPS (cathodic protection system)
CATV – cable TV
passive avoidance – simultaneous detection of industrial and radio signals
Power Filters™ feature (disable Power mode to locate five individual harmonic frequencies from the network.)
HARMONIC Regions with 50 Hz Regions with 60 Hz
Primary 50 kHz 60 Hz
3rd 150 Hz 180 Hz
5th 250 Hz 300 Hz
7th 350 Hz 420 Hz
9th 450 Hz 540 Hz
Displayed information signal level – bar graph and numerical value
mode designation (peak, zero, guidance, peak+ with guidance or zero mode arrows)
detection type – line or probe
designation of proportional change in size of left/right arrows
compass: full 360° line direction indicator
identification of accessories used
user accessory screen
readings of burial depth and current (line location)
indication of burial depth (location of the transmitter probe)
gain level (in dB)
selected frequency
battery status
speaker volume
operating frequency
bluetooth status
GPS satellites in view (if available)
GPS status (if available)
configuration menu and submenu
software version
date of last calibration
survey measurement counter
current direction detection mode indicator
current direction arrows
troubleshooting mode indicator
communication status with the generator
generator standby state
StrikeAlert™ warning
overload warning
wobble warning
Audio output tones Volume level: Vol0, Vol1, Vol2, Vol3, Vol4 and Vol5
sound tone: low and high
sound for menu navigation
StrikeAlert audio warning
audible sway warning
Industrial/RF modes: Real Sound™ derived from detected electromagnetic signal
Peak/Peak+ modes: synthesized audio tone proportional to signal strength
guidance mode: continuous sound when the locator is to the left of the target, intermittent sound when the locator is to the right of the target
zero mode: synthesized audio tone proportional to signal strength Low tone to the left of the target, high tone to the right
Functions of additional accessories when locating Locator Clamps: To identify individual cable(s) of interest in a bundle or cabinet using signal strength readings
stethoscopes: To identify the individual cable(s) of interest in a bundle or confined space, such as a closet, using signal strength readings
Direction/Current Clamp: For measuring current when locating and identifying the desired cable in current direction mode


Advanced location features
StrikeAlert™ Feature audible and visual warning when a cable or pipe is detected at a depth of less than 30 cm
works in active and passive location modes
Tactile vibration handle vibrates when it receives StrikeAlert, swing, and overload warnings
Wobble Warning audio and visual warning when the user swings the locator excessively
Dynamic Overload Protection™ Feature 40 dB, automatic
automatic system gain control to compensate for strong signals, such as from power networks or substations, to ensure accurate location
Overload warning If the RD8200 is overloaded, users will be alerted by a flashing icon. In case of overload, depth and current measurements will be disabled
Current Direction™ Determine the direction of current flowing in underground pipes or cables to help the operator identify and trace the desired service
displaying arrows on the screen for the operator, indicating the direction of current in the localized pipe or cable to confirm tracking of the desired communication
iLOC™ metric: remote control of the generator at a distance of up to 450 m3
UK: Generator remote control up to 1400 feet away
control of generator frequency, power level and SideStep
SideStep™ function providing location in areas with high interference from other signals with an optimal location frequency
remote adjustment of the frequency of the locator and generator by several hertz with detuning from the frequency band of other signals that may interfere with the location
Simultaneous depth and current readings simultaneous display of the depth of the communication and the magnitude of the current signal, which gives the operator additional information and helps in tracking the desired communication
Survey results saving up to 1000 survey points in the locator memory and adding GPS data from internal (if any) or external GLONASS sources via Bluetooth®
export data immediately or in batches via Bluetooth®
Damage search Provide a fault search signal with the Tx-5 and Tx-10 generator, and then use the optional A-frame to locate and pinpoint insulation faults
damage detection accuracy: metric: 100 mm and imperial: 4 inches
Location frequency 4 kHz and 4 kHz in current direction detection mode designed for routing high impedance lines such as twisted pair telecommunications or street lighting over long distances
Together with the mode for determining the direction of current, it helps to trace the desired communication in areas with high density or with complex infrastructure
Peak+ Mode Use the exact value from the bar graph, as well as the proportionally changing guidance mode arrows to quickly locate a line or the zero mode arrow to determine deviation
Built-in GPS function fast survey with built-in GPS receiver – no separate handheld device required
Select options all options can be enabled or disabled in the locator itself or in the RD Manager software for PC
Supported languages 14: English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian
Power options 50 or 60 Hz
Mode selection all location modes can be enabled or disabled individually
Active frequency selection all active frequencies can be turned on or off individually
Selecting passive mode all passive location modes can be enabled or disabled individually
StrikeAlert function on/off
Wobble Warning on/off
Tactile vibration on/off
Selecting arrows in Peak+ mode Hover or Zero mode arrows
selected from the locator menu or by long pressing the antenna button
GLONASS settings (‘GPS’) Internal / External (Bluetooth connection) / Off / Reset
iLOC connection on/off
Supported data export protocols PPP protocol/choice of 3 ASCII formats. Additionally, positioning data is added
Setting time/date adjustment or update in the real time clock locator programRD Manager for PC or GLONASS signals
Reset current direction detection reset phase analysis for determining current direction by long pressing the frequency button
Audio set the audio level high or low

accessory connection

Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 – SPP profile, class 1
BLE 5.0
iLOC™ – generator remote control range metric: up to 450 m
UK: up to 1400 feet
iLOC Generator Remote Control Features setting the generator frequency
setting the generator output power level
generator in standby mode SideStep
Wired communication Mini USB: Connection to PC for locator configuration and software updates, as well as for retrieving operating records
3.5 mm stereo jack: connects wired headphones
Accessory port: Radiodetection
Data transfer capabilities and GLONASS (‘GPS’)
Function of the built-in GLONASS module (‘GPS’) Automatic addition of GLONASS data to survey results every time data is saved and every second to operation data
accuracy of the channel end point up to 2.5 m with the possibility of expanding the satellite monitoring and correction system
support for GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations
satellite monitoring and correction system – Differential correction systems (if available)
• WAAS – North America
• EGNOS – Europe
• MSAS – Japan
• GAGAN – India
Connection with external GLONASS (‘GPS’) via Bluetooth
connection to an external GLONASS-enabled device to combine survey data with GLONASS data from that device on the external device
Reading the position of external GLONASS into the locator memory connection to an external GLONASS device to read location data from that device and combine it with locator survey data on the locator board
Memory for usage log 4 GB
Usage log volume over 500 days measured at 8 hours of locator use per day
Operation data recording frequency 1/s
Power options
Alkaline elements 2 D-type alkaline batteries (MN1300 / LR20) (standard)
Battery cells custom lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack
2 x Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) D batteries (MN1300 / LR20)
Battery life (continuous) Li-Ion unit: 35 hours
2 D-type alkaline batteries 13 hours
Determining the chemical composition of the battery Li-ion block: automatic recognition
NiMH/alkaline: Program select
Charging options (Li-Ion unit) mains charger: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
car charger: 12-24 V DC
Charging time (Li-Ion unit) 3 hours to 80% of fully discharged state, followed by trickle charging to maintain capacity
Physical characteristics
Construction ergonomic, balanced and lightweight design for comfortable use during long examinations
Construction material injection molded acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic
Weight with lithium-ion battery pack attached:
1.8 kg
with D-type alkaline batteries installed
1.9 kg
Protection level IP65 (protected against ingress of dust and water droplets coming from any direction)
Display type High contrast custom monochrome LCD display
Audio system built-in waterproof loudspeaker
3.5 mm headphone jack
Operating temperature from -20°C to 50°C
Storage temperature from -20°C to 70°C
Device dimensions 648 x 286 x 125 mm
Transport dimensions 700 x 260 x 330 mm
Shipping weight (with battery installed)mi) 2.6 kg


RD8200 Cable in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The RD8200 is a highly advanced utility locator system manufactured by Radiodetection, designed for accurately locating and tracing underground utilities such as cables and pipes. While the RD8200 itself does not have a specific “cable and piping arrangement,” it is used in conjunction with various accessories and attachments to effectively locate and trace underground utilities. Here’s an overview of how the RD8200 is typically arranged and used for cable and pipe locating:

  1. Main Unit: The RD8200 main unit is the central component of the utility locator system. It houses the electronics, controls, and display screen necessary for operating the device. The main unit is typically held by the operator during utility locating operations.
  2. Antenna or Receiver: The RD8200 is equipped with high-performance antennas or receivers that detect electromagnetic signals emitted by buried utilities. These antennas are crucial for picking up signals and relaying them to the main unit for processing.
  3. Ground Stake RD8200 Cable: A ground stake is used to establish an electrical connection with the ground, providing a reference point for the utility locator. The ground stake is typically inserted into the ground near the area being surveyed to ensure accurate readings.
  4. Signal Generator (Optional) RD8200 Cable: In some cases, a signal generator may be used in conjunction with the RD8200 to energize buried utilities for easier detection. The signal generator emits a detectable signal onto the utility, making it easier for the locator to detect its presence and accurately trace its path.
  5. Accessories RD8200 Cable: Various accessories may be used with the RD8200 to enhance its functionality and adapt it to different locating scenarios. These accessories may include:
    • Direct connection leads for connecting the locator directly to buried utilities.
    • Induction clamps for inducing a signal onto metallic utilities without direct connection.
    • Signal clamps for locating RF markers or identifying live power cables.
    • Auxiliary antennas for extending the detection range or optimizing performance in challenging environments.
    • Carrying case or bag for transporting the RD8200 and its accessories to and from the job site.
  6. User Interface: The RD8200 features a user-friendly interface with controls and a display screen for configuring settings and interpreting detection results. Operators can adjust sensitivity, select locating modes, view depth measurements, and visualize detected utilities on the display screen.

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