S13 33 kHz probe set

S13 33 kHz probe set

Overall, the S13 33 kHz probe set is a valuable accessory for utility locating tasks, providing users with an effective tool for accurately tracing and mapping underground utilities. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it a versatile asset for utility professionals working in the field.



S13 33 kHz probe set in Uzbekistan, Tashkent


Small probe for cables and ducts – 13 mm

S13: ½” (13 mm) diameter probe for narrow ducts and ducts.

The ultra-small S13 probe is designed to track the trajectories of non-metallic pipes, channels, sewers and drains, as well as to accurately determine the location of blockages and collapses.

The S13 transmits a locating frequency of 33 kHz, making it compatible with most Radiodetection cable and pipe locators, including the RD8100 series of precision locators and the C.A.T4 series of cable locators.

Telecommunications industry

With ever-increasing demand for telecommunications, utility companies are increasing the use of existing circuits by installing more fiber and metal cables, resulting in increasingly crowded circuits. The ½” (12.7mm) diameter S13 probe is designed to fit through these narrow passages, allowing field technicians to locate and trace their path.

Smaller diameter conduits are often used to install fiber optic cables in homes and businesses. To check for blockages along the channel, the S13 probe can be dropped or blown through the channel. Where size limits the use of larger probes, the S13 is ideal for applications.

With a diameter of just ½” (12.7 mm) and a short working length of 2.7″ (68 mm, with a simple end cap), the S13 probe is designed to fit through narrow pipes and channels and can negotiate more bends and corners than larger options probes. This makes the S13 an ideal tool for tracing non-metallic water pipes, vents and drains, both in buildings and underground.


The S13 probe comes as a kit containing the S13 probe body, M10 threaded tip, flat lug tip, 2× batteries and case. An additional pack of 10 batteries is also available.

* performance may vary depending on local conditions

Part Numbers:

Part number: 10/ probe -S13-33

A set of ten spare batteries for the S13 probe.

Part number: 10/ Probe -S13-BATPACK

Radio detection provides a wide range of probes and accessories, including flexible rods for inserting and pushing the probe along pipes. Each probe varies in diameter and depth at which the signal can be found. All probes are compatible with a wide range of radio detection locators.

The S13 33 kHz probe set is a specialized utility locating accessory used for tracing and mapping underground utilities, such as cables and pipes. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. Components: The S13 33 kHz probe set typically includes a transmitter and a receiver, both operating at a frequency of 33 kHz. The transmitter generates a detectable signal, while the receiver is used to detect and locate the signal emitted by the transmitter.
  2. Frequency: The 33 kHz frequency is commonly used in utility locating applications due to its effectiveness in penetrating various soil types and materials commonly encountered in underground environments. It provides a balance between signal strength and depth penetration, making it suitable for a wide range of utility locating tasks.
  3. Design: The transmitter and receiver in the S13 33 kHz probe set are typically handheld devices with compact and ergonomic designs for ease of use in the field. They may feature user-friendly controls and displays to facilitate operation and interpretation of data.
  4. Operation: The transmitter is used to generate a 33 kHz signal, which is then transmitted into the ground through a conductive utility, such as a cable or pipe. The receiver is used to detect and locate the signal emitted by the transmitter, allowing users to trace the path of the underground utility.
  5. Applications: The S13 33 kHz probe set is commonly used by utility technicians, construction workers, and infrastructure maintenance crews for locating and tracing buried utilities prior to excavation or construction activities. It helps prevent accidental damage to utilities and ensures the safety and efficiency of excavation work.
  6. Versatility: The S13 33 kHz probe set is versatile and can be used in various soil conditions and environments, including grass, gravel, pavement, and soft ground. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor utility locating applications.

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