FlexiTrace Tx pusher

FlexiTrace Tx pusher

Overall, the FlexiTrace Tx Pusher is an essential tool for accurately deploying tracing wires or cables in utility locating operations, enabling precise tracing and mapping of buried utilities. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it a valuable asset for utility professionals working in the field.



FlexiTrace Tx pusher in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Traceable rod used with Radiodetection or Genny transmitter


The FlexiTrace coil holds 164′ (50m) or 260″ (80m) small diameter rods. The rod itself can be powered by a Radiodetection* or Genny sensor and inserted into pipes no larger than 12mm. It is used with a Radiodetection Locator or C.A.T to locate and tracking small diameter plastic pipes, etc. Unlike using a probe with Flexrod, the entire length of FlexiTrace can be detected from above.

The FlexiTrace Declaration of Conformity is available here.

Some power limitations apply when using Tx-5 or Tx-10 transmitters. For detailed information, contact a specialist.
Part Number: 10/TRACE50-XX (XX = D, F, GB, NL)

The FlexiTrace Tx Pusher is a component of the Radiodetection FlexiTrace system, designed for utility locating and tracing tasks. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. Purpose: The FlexiTrace Tx Pusher is used in conjunction with the Radiodetection FlexiTrace system to deploy a tracing wire or cable along the path of underground utilities. The tracing wire or cable carries a signal emitted by the FlexiTrace transmitter, allowing for accurate tracing and mapping of buried utilities.
  2. Design: The Tx Pusher is typically a handheld device with a mechanism for feeding the tracing wire or cable into the ground. It features a compact and ergonomic design for ease of use in the field.
  3. Operation: The operator manually pushes the Tx Pusher along the ground, guiding the tracing wire or cable into the desired location. As the wire or cable is fed into the ground, it follows the path of the buried utility, allowing for accurate tracing.
  4. Compatibility: The FlexiTrace Tx Pusher is specifically designed for use with the Radiodetection FlexiTrace system, including the FlexiTrace transmitter and receiver units. It is compatible with various types of tracing wires or cables used in utility locating applications.
  5. Applications: The FlexiTrace Tx Pusher is commonly used by utility technicians, construction workers, and infrastructure maintenance crews for locating and tracing underground utilities such as pipes, cables, and conduits. It is particularly useful for mapping the paths of utilities prior to excavation or construction activities.

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