S6 Microprobe Set 33 kHz

S6 Microprobe Set 33 kHz

Overall, the S6 Microprobe Set with a 33 kHz frequency is a valuable accessory for utility locating tasks, providing users with an effective tool for accurately tracing and mapping underground utilities. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it a versatile asset for utility professionals working in the field.



S6 Microprobe Set 33 kHz in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Micro-size probe (6 mm) for the smallest air ducts.

The S6 Micro Probe is a very small sensor designed to allow operators to monitor and detect blockages in even very small buried pipes and ducts.
With a diameter of only 6.4mm/¼”, it is especially suitable for tracking blockages in fiber optic microwiring or tracking other small non-conductive pipes.

Reaches up to 6.5′ (2m) and measures 0.25″ x 3.5″ (6.4 x 88mm). Supplied as a kit including probe, flex adapter, 2 batteries and case.

Part No: 10/ micro probe 33

Pack of 10 batteries for S6 microprobe.

Part No: 10/ microprobe batpack

Application S6 Microprobe Set 33 kHz
Application example – microwiring
More and more cables and pipes are being laid in underground networks, which leads to overload of underground communication channels. One way to solve this problem is to install small special channels within the main channel for use by the relevant utility companies.

In particular, the telecommunications industry needs the ability to install thin fiber optic cables in congested channels. One solution is bundled microchannels, small (typically 8mm and 12mm diameter) “ducts within a duct” each carrying and protecting a bundle of fiber optic cables – an arrangement that also allows utilities to install redundant ducts and then add fiber.

Fiber blowing
For fiber installation at a later stage, compressed air is increasingly being used to “blow” the fiber, reducing manual labor costs and allowing distances of approximately 3.5 km to be covered in a single operation.

Blocked/damaged ducts
Auxiliary ducts and micropipes may become blocked or deformed both before and during use. These blockages cause delays due to failed cable insertions, and may even require excavation to clear them – a costly and time-consuming task.
The S6 Microprobe is designed to be blown or pushed into a small recessed duct using a standard installer’s mounting kit. By following the probe’s path as it moves, operators can follow a buried main/microchannel, reducing the risk of damage during local excavations, or simply confirm its route.

If a blockage is detected, the operator can determine where the probe stops above ground and evaluate how to circumvent or correct the problem.

Application example – electrical wiring S6 Microprobe Set 33 kHz
Commercial and modern homes often use plastic ductwork to route cables under floors and within drywall. The S6 MicroSonde, used with a suitable flexible rod, allows you to monitor blockages and joints within buildings, eliminating the need to expose the entire ductwork to repair or unblock problem areas S6 Microprobe Set 33 kHz.

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