GPS Navigator BHCnav NAVA F78

GPS Navigator BHCnav NAVA F78

NAVA F78 is a full-featured handheld GPS navigator that can quickly and accurately locate even in heavy cover and deep canyons.

Overall, the CHCNAV i90 IMU-RTK GNSS receiver offers advanced positioning technology for professionals seeking high-precision accuracy and reliability in their fieldwork. Its integration of IMU and RTK technologies makes it a powerful tool for demanding surveying and navigation applications.

BHCnav NAVA Pro F78
Main characteristics
Type portable
Scope universal
Signal reception U-blox 8, high sensitivity module
GLONASS support is
Number of waypoints 3000
Number of routes 200
Built-in map is (base world map)
Ability to download an area map is
Screen type TFT, 65536 colors
Screen diagonal 2.2″
Screen resolution 240 x 320 pixels. QVGA
Screen backlight is
Device characteristics
Built-in memory 4Gb
WAAS support is
Antenna type internal
Detection time cold start:… < 35 sec, hot start: <2 sec
GPS Accuracy 1-3 m
Update frequency 1 sec, continuous
Calculator is
Calendar is
Area calculation is
3-axis compass is
Barometric altimeter is
Temperature sensor is
Batteries AA
Number of batteries 2
Operating time 15 hours (lithium ion 20 hours)
Connection USB
Micro SD slot yes (micro SD up to 32Gb)
Additional information
Waterproof case yes (IPX-7)
Dimensions 62 x 172 x 36 mm
Weight 197 g (without battery)


GPS Navigator BHCnav NAVA F78 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The receiver of the BHCnav NAVA Pro F78 navigator has the ability to interact with the GLONNAS and GPS satellite systems.

Thi GPS Navigator BHCnav NAVA F78s feature allows the device to record the current location quickly and with high accuracy. Effective operation of the navigator is ensured by the presence of an external spiral antenna, which is guaranteed to provide high-quality signal reception even in hard-to-reach places – for example, in a dense forest or in a mountain gorge.

The  GPS Navigator BHCnav NAVA F78satellite detection time of the device does not exceed 35 seconds in cold start mode. The signal is processed with a frequency of 1 second, which allows you to obtain accurate data on the current positioning not only during static measurement, but also during movement with an accuracy of up to 3 meters.

To work  GPS Navigator BHCnav NAVA F78 with arrays of cartographic information, the device has an internal memory of 4 GB. Additionally, it can be increased by using a memory card. The NAVA Pro F78 tourist navigator is capable of recording up to 200 routes and up to 3000 waypoints. There is a pre-installed map of the world, additional loading of terrain maps is provided for a better assessment of the current situation.

Large 2.8-inch color screen with backlight for easy operation in various lighting conditions. A screen of this diagonal allows the BHCnav NAVA Pro F78 navigator to comfortably read information under various conditions of use, while providing excellent energy consumption.

The user of the NAVA Pro F78 tourist navigator has access to a number of auxiliary functions that significantly expand the ability to use the device. Among these functions:

  • The ability to calculate the perimeter of a site or its area based on satellite navigation data at specified points.
  • Electronic high-precision compass, the readings of which are adjusted depending on the angle of inclination of the device relative to the horizontal.
  • A barometric-type altimeter, which, in addition to the direct function of displaying the current altitude, allows you to record data indicating changes in weather conditions.

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