Locator Stalker 15-12

Locator Stalker 15-12

A convenient, reliable, easy-to-use device for searching underground communications. The “Stalker 15-12” delivery set includes a GT-15 generator and a PT-12 receiver.



Locator Stalker 15-12 in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

General features of the route-search complex:

  • Simple, intuitive communication search;
  • “RADIO” frequency (passive) for searching for a route without a generator;
  • Frequency 33 kHz for contactless supply of the generator signal to the cable;
  • Contactless transmission of a search signal using transmitting clamps KI-50;
  • Lightweight and compact generator GT-15.

PT-12 receiver

  • Lightweight, impact-resistant, splash-proof housing;
  • LCD anti-glare backlit display;
  • Built-in speaker;
  • Automatic determination of the depth and current strength in communications, including in passive mode at a frequency of 50 Hz;
  • Search modes: sharp maximum, flat maximum, minimum;
  • Change in signal tone depending on the operator’s location relative to the communication axis.

GT-15 generator Locator Stalker 15-12

  • The frequency of 33 kHz ensures effective detection of communications when sending a contactless signal from the “GT-15” generator;
  • simultaneous supply of two frequencies;
  • indication of the output current value;
  • voltage, power, load resistance allows you to judge the quality of the connection to the route and estimate the possible range of communications routing;
  • two operating modes – continuous and pulsed generation to save battery power;
  • automatic matching of the generator with the load.

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