The rod is used to propel Radiodetection probes, which can be detected and tracked using a Radiodetection locator or C.A.T.

The Flexrod coil holds 197′ or 394′ (60m or 120m) fiberglass rod used for heating pipes and ducts, etc. The rod is used to deliver RFID probes, which can be positioned and tracked by an RFID locator or cable avoidance tool.

Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF50-4.5
Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF80-4.5
Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF50-7
Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF100-7
Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF150-7
Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF60
Part Number: 10/FLEXRODF120