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TDR Cable Line Reflectometer / Network Analysis / Cable Tests

A range of cable testers based on the Cable Line OTDR, from first line repairs to multifunctional broadband network analyzers.

First line repair

Portable cable testing fault locators are designed for first line repair and less specialized field operators who require accurate and consistent fault location for the most common types of field problems such as open circuits and shorts. Used by telecom, CATV and food segments.

Advanced cable testing

Advanced cable test troubleshooters combine high-level functionality and TDR performance for advanced users. The tools are tailored for telecommunications companies, CATV and energy markets. They provide advanced features such as dynamic horizontal and vertical scaling, large high-resolution screens, return loss measurements, intuitive operation and full PC connectivity to simplify troubleshooting.

Multifunctional network analyzers

Multifunctional network analyzers test twisted pair cable quality, identify and isolate faults, and troubleshoot noise and signal problems. These measurements can quickly and thoroughly determine whether a cable network is capable of supporting xDSL technology, as well as other signal network problems.

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